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April 10, 2014

Dear Members of the Meridian Adventist Church,

By the time you read this I will be on my trip to South Africa where I will be speaking three times at combined services in Cape Town, before having one day to rest up before speaking another eight times at the Cape Conference annual camp meeting at Hartenbos. Before traveling the 250 miles from Cape Town to Hartenbos, I will be spending Tuesday (and possibly Wednesday) at Helderberg College. The purpose of my visit to the college will be to meet with Dr. Injety (vice-president) to finalize some of our plans for our end of year mission trip.

The flight to South Africa will take me through Dubai. Travel time, including the stopover, will total 36 hours going, and 32 hours for the return. There is also a 7 hour time difference between Idaho and Cape Town. The compensation is that I will be able to enjoy South African food again (though camp meeting food will always be camp meeting food).

I will return on Friday, April 25. We will be having a church business meeting on Saturday night. There will be three items on the agenda: (1) a financial update; (2) an examination of an outreach opportunity; and, (3) taking our previous discussion regarding church property development to the next level.

On Tuesday, April 29, I will fly to Chicago, so that I can defend my dissertation on April 30. I will then return to Idaho on May 1, and hope to be able to stay in the district for a while.

Karen will be in Savanah, Georgia April 24-29, and so we our planes will be flying past each other.

Come June, we will be moving into full swing to prepare for our fall evangelistic series, as well as lining things up for Journey to Bethlehem (which will run just two nights this year).

Though I will be absent for close on three weeks, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, and encouraged by the realization that I will be in yours.

May the Christ be with you,

Michael D Pearson


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